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Skin Care

Sensitive Skin

The skin can be sensitive in any time of life, from breast-feeding up to old age, and it is characterized by its vulnerability to external agents such as bacteria, chemicals, and allergens, among others.

External factors related to environment and other internal, such as pressure or decrease of defenses can trigger the process by which skin loses protecting natural barrier that avoids it loses water and penetrate the element into the skin. If this happens, skin is dried and in most of cases reacts presenting more severe conditions.

Any area of the body can be affected, from face, passing by hairy skin to legs, with symptoms such as redness, swelling and shedding that can affect the life of who has it due to physical ailment.

The symptoms can be caused suddenly and disappear for a certain time, that is why instead of looking for a definite healing, people must be subjected to prevention treatments of outbreaks.


  • If any of the described symptoms appears, better consult a Dermatologist that performs a diagnosis and recommends the type of appropriate product.
  • To maintain skin hydrated is essential to start to control symptoms.
  • Not to be exposed to sunlight is very important. If you do it you have the risk to exacerbate symptoms.
  • You shall use appropriate soaps and cleaners that do not irritate nor dry skin.
  • You shall not be a long period of time under the water or take a shower with a very hot water is another good advice.

It is recommended to use creams that provide extra hydration such as lines Delitopic® y Ureskin®, which are indicated for cases of dehydrated skin.