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Skin Care


Sun and pollution are only two of the multiple factors that produce spots on skin. Pigmentation in some areas is formed because melanin is deposited on the basis of epidermis and sometimes on dermis, producing spots of different sizes and forms on the surface.

Because it is a gradual process, pigmentation of skin is a problem that can be fought against with products developed with components that help to eliminate the excess of melanin and other factors that cause it.

Although spots on skin are another effect of aging that appears on face, neck and hands, there are other risk factors, especially in people who have been exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.

On the other hand, melasma is a spot of dark skin that can appear in areas exposed to sunlight, mainly in women, because it is commonly related to feminine hormones estrogen and progesterone, that is why it is frequent in pregnant women, who use oral contraceptives or who are under a treatment of hormone therapy in the stage of menopause.

There are procedures practiced in medical rooms and consist of eliminating spots through laser rays, however, there are other methods such as the use of cutaneous treatments designed for diminishing pigmentation. In any case, a Dermatologist shall be consulted to get a diagnosis and an appropriate prescription.




  • Protect yourself from the sun with the appropriate photo protectors. Not to expose yourself too much to radiation is essential to avoid skin hyperpigmentation.
  • Hydrate skin constantly avoids this is injured or cracked.
  • Clean the skin before going to bed is very important, thus all external impurities of the environment shall be removed.
  • As long as it is possible, avoid smoking, drinking or eating high fat foods and irritants that can affect skin.
  • Before using any depigmenting, consult a Dermatologist to prescript what is the most appropriate treatment, in case.

The use of sun protection and hat is the best way to prevent sun damage and spots, however, most of the times prevention is not enough to avoid it and therefore, it is recommended to use depigmenting agents that hydrate skin and vanish spots.

Line Meladermic® provides different products that help depigmenting. Formulation of every product is designed based on needs of every kind of skin, grade of problem advancement and even to be used during the day and at night.