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Skin Care


A scar is formed by permanent skin that grows on every type of wound. Scars are produced spontaneously in sites where skin has been damaged by any blow, scrape, burn, acne, a surgery, etc.

Scars are generally pinky, red or more brilliant and with different texture from the rest of skin, these can also appear as deep injuries in case of being those produced by chicken pox or acne; although the aspect of a scar depends on deepness of wound, area where it is produced, the time it took to be formed, the age of person and type of patient healing.

Generally, scars disappear with time, as skin is renewed, although these never disappear completely. There are a lot of treatments to minimize or disappear, from surgical, laser or dermabrasion or through topical dermatological treatments; however, a specialist is the one that decides what is the most appropriate treatment according to patient and scar characteristics.


  • Never expose scars to sun radiation; in case of being necessary, always do it with protection, using photo protectors of high spectrum.
  • During the process of healing, you must not use products to diminish or vanish wound until a doctor indicates what is the most appropriate treatment.
  • No matter what kind of scar it is, it is generally recommended to avoid area rubbing, use comfortable clothes and not likely to cause rash, such as some fibers of animal origin.

Line Kelo-Cote® is formulated to prevent and diminish hypertrophic scars and keloid scars, i.e. those swollen, painful or dark color.

Scars produced by burns can be painful and complicated, that is why it is recommended the use of products specifically designed for this type of cases, such as Cicafarm® Burns; although it is important to mention that before using any product, a Dermatologist shall revise a wound and indicate the treatment to be followed.