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Skin Care

Eye Contour

The skin that contours the eyes is the finest and more fragile skin of face, it has a low quantity of grease glands – grease protectors – and fibers of elastin and collagen; it also covers the most active muscle system of the body, responsible of generating approximately 10 thousand blinks a day. Apart from these characteristics, as the time passes by the blood microcirculation and lymphatic microcirculation of the zone, causing the signs of fatigue and aging such as rings and bags.

Although the aging of skin is a natural effect, there are cares and products that help to delay the appearance of such marks.

Dermal cosmetics indicated for this part of the face shall fulfill with a couple of characteristics: the first is to help to delay aging providing substances required by skin; and secondly, that components used take into account sensitivity of the area and are smooth enough for not generating any damage or irritation.


It is important that we always use products designed and indicated exclusively for eye contour, and that contain ingredients/components necessary to hydrate skin, increase production of collagen and produce a lifting effect that helps to attenuate wrinkles.


  • Use products formulated exclusively for eye contour, on the contrary the effect on the skin can be counter-productive.
  • Hydration is essential to delay symptoms of aging. The dry skin is likely to be broken and damaged more easily.
  • Consult a dermatologist to know what product is the most appropriate for the type and condition of skin.

A good advice is the use of products of line Perfect Main Cells®, designed for eye contour, to prevent and diminish expression lines in the area of eyes because restore skin and provide a lifting effect that attenuates wrinkles gradually.

Another recommendation is a cream Retinol® Elite that helps regenerating skin and reduces expression lines in damaged skins for sunlight exposure. The formula includes vitamins and sun protection of 15 SPF that helps revitalizing and protecting skin.

If the problem of bags and rings, Optigel® is a gel that helps to diminish and disappear them effectively. It is applied in eye contour and de-sensitive components, anti-inflammatory and calming components of formula produce an effect of smoothness on skin.

Do not forget consulting a Dermatologist to recommend you the best solution according to your type of skin, age and circumstances.