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Skin Care


Dermatitis is a common alteration of skin, characterized by dryness and irritation of some areas of face and/or body. It mainly appears in children and at low grade in adults, it does not matter gender.

Generally, it has two stages, inactive, where the skin, although it is dry or irritated, presents controllable symptoms, and active where there are outbreaks that produce swelling, itching, thickening and even in some cases bleeding.

Although there is not only one known cause, patients that suffer from Dermatitis can have an alteration in metabolism of fat acids and a deficiency in hydration of skin.

There are a lot of products to fight against symptoms of Dermatitis, however, it is recommended the use of those that contain components that help to reduce swelling, hydrate, regulate humidity and diminish irritation of affected areas.



  • When the first symptoms of Dermatitis appear, a Dermatologist can be consulted to confirm the diagnosis and indicate the more appropriate type of product according to case particulars.
  • It is recommended to clean the skin with special soaps and dermal cleaners formulated to attack the symptoms of this disease.
  • When this alteration appears, it is essential to maintain skin hydrated and moisturized all the time.

Products of Farmapiel®, developed for this kind of alteration, contain the necessary elements to diminish symptoms such as extreme dryness, irritation and itching, that is why we recommend to ask a Dermatologist about these alternatives.

In relation to cleaning, Aquanil® is a dermal cleaner that does not damage or irritates skin.