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Skin Care

Cleaning of skin

By general rule, it is recommended to clean skin once or twice a day, or immediately after doing exercise or having a considerable sweating period; however, it will depend on the kind of skin, the recommended product to clean it.

The skin of face is more delicate and sensitive than that from the rest of the whole body, therefore, it is recommended to wash the face in the morning and at night, with special cleaners, preferably without any perfume, and which promote hydration.

Another important aspect that we have to consider is to use cream immediately after a shower and wash skin, when pore is opened and product absorption is simpler.

Consult a Dermatologist to recommend you the type of cream and cleaner that better fits to your type of skin.

Purity Mousse® is a dermal cleaner excellent for greasy skins or acne tendency; and Aquanil® Dermal cleaner can be used with skin moisturized or dry such as makeup removing. In both cases, it is about products especially formulated to help to regulate grease production and not irritating skin.