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Skin Care

Aging of skin

Aging of skin is the process of weakening of dermis structure that causes dryness and wrinkles on the surface. This happens because fibers are deteriorated, stop correctly renewal, and lose the substance that compounds it.

A lot of factors intervene on the aging of skin, environment, pollution, bad habits, sun exposure, type of skin, color, diseases, stress, diet and all the aspect related to person lifestyle.

The skin of face and neck is generally, the first to suffer from time and bad habits. Wrinkles, loss of firmness and lack of elasticity are only some of the signs of aging; fortunately, recently there are a lot of studies and information that have allow us to know causes and make recommendations that help reducing these problems and also design products such as components that mitigate, diminish and delay the signs of age.


  • Hydration is health. Use products that hydrate skin, but these are formulated for the area on which you will apply them. Remember it is not the same on the face, around the eyes or on the body.
  • Protect your skin with products that have a minimum SPF of 30. Whenever possible, try not to be a long period of time exposed to sunlight and always use hat.
  • Regularly exfoliate the skin helps to remove impurities.
  • Use dermal cleaners indicated for face and body, in case. Apply giving a soft massage.

To delay the symptoms of aging it is necessary to maintain skin hydrated and cleaned whenever possible, i.e. wash it and apply treatments twice a day or according to instructions and recommendations of every product.

Dermal cosmetics that contain bio saccharides and vitamins are excellent to fight against the effects of aging of skin. Line Perfect Main Cells® of Farmapiel provides a wide range of products designed to prevent and attack the symptoms according to characteristics and age of skin; however, all share the same characteristics to reactivate mother cells or fibroblasts, moisturize, smooth, protect and repair skin.

Line Sisvité® provides a range of products that restore, hydrate and help vanish wrinkles on face and neck.

Revival® is a line of products for different types of skin, whose main characteristic is to be exfoliant that apart from cleaning and remove impurities, serves to prepare and maintain skins subjected to procedures of peeling.

Finally, products with a high concentration of vitamins, such as Vitaspheres C® and Sisvité C10® apart from helping to diminish the signs of age, contribute to depigmenting of skin and disappearance of spots.