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Skin Care

Acne and greasy skin

Acne is the most common cutaneous disease that commonly appears during puberty and can end in adulthood. It is characterized for appearing on greasy skins or grease tendency, and for the apparition of infectious opened and closed eruptions, commonly known as blackheads and pimples, which appear more frequently on face, head, neck, back and chest.


There are three types of acne: mild is when occasional eruptions appear and it occurs in practically all kinds of skin; moderate occurs in greasy skins and it is characterized for the constant appearance of blackheads (pimples); and severe, is that where pimples and blackheads, patients suffer from swellings and permanent wounds in sites where the problem is more acute. It is normally produced by follicle colonization of bacteria that normally live on the surface without causing damages.


Greasy skin can be related to acne and it is one of the possible causes of this condition; however, in such cases skin reacts contrary to logic way, i.e. the more things are done to remove grease, the body reacts producing more, that is why doctors recommend using special products for these conditions that regulate production of grease in affected areas, also the use of dermal cleaners twice a day.




  • Never manipulate blackheads, because apart from causing spots and wounds, infection can be propagated to other areas of skin.
  • Skin can be cleaned with products formulated for greasy skins.
  • Do not expose yourself to sunlight directly without protection. It is considered a myth that sun radiation helps to diminish the problem, on the contrary.
  • Regularly visit Dermatologist to prescript the appropriate treatment, in case, and skin characteristics.


Line Purity® consists of gels and dermal cleaners formulated with components that help to fight against bacteria that produce acne and regulate greasy production in affected areas.


HPO® is another product recommended for greasy skins and patients who have acne, because apart from eliminating bacteria, controls fat acids production.