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In order to keep worldwide quality of our products and in accordance with current regulation, Pharmacovigilance area of FARMAPIEL® provides to healthcare professionals, patients and consumers, the necessary media to notify any adverse event.

If you experiment, have or know an adverse event related to the use of any product marketed by FARMAPIEL®, we please ask you to fill in and send the following form or contact us through telephone number or e-mail address within the first 24 hours after such adverse event has occurred.



Telephone numbers:

Headquarters FARMAPIEL® in Mexico City: (01 55) 5550 1400

Manufacturing plant FARMAPIEL®: (01 42) 7101 1080

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you choose any of these options, we ask you to have the following data duly available:

Identifiable patient : complete name starting with last name, birth date and gender.

Adverse event: Brief description, but very detailed of what happened to patient; for example: appearance of weal, diarrhea, stomachache, etc.

Product of FARMAPIEL® presumably involved in event, indicating the number of batch and expiration date printed on container.


General information about Pharmacovigilance / Techno vigilance


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Pharmacovigilance as the “Science in charge of collecting, monitoring, researching and assessing the information about the effects, reactions or adverse events of drug products, biological products, medicinal plants and traditional drug products with the purpose of identifying information of new adverse reactions and preventing injury to patients”.

According to definition of Pharmacovigilance and adhered to current law in Mexico and established on international treaties recognized by the WHO, FARMAPIEL® performs a technical/scientific assessment of all products we provide highlighting the special interest on safety and effectiveness, before these are available for public sale.

Local and international regulations require pharmaceutical laboratories to update safety information of their products through collecting of data obtained once these are on both Mexican market and international market.

¿What is an Adverse Event?

Any undesirable medical occurrence that occurs during the clinical research stage of a drug product or marketing period, but that it does not necessarily have a causal relationship with the product, in this case of FARMAPIEL®.

When there is a medical treatment, to experiment an adverse event does not mean that the event has a relationship with product(s) already prescribed; therefore, an exhaustive research of the reported event is necessary on which clinical background, illnesses – recent or past -, allergies of patient, concomitant drug products and doses taken, among other elements, are considered. Once the case is investigated, the National Pharmacovigilance Center shall be notified about this for performing a causality analysis.  

Every patient reacts particularly, individually, uniquely and in an unrepeatable manner to drug products, dermal cosmetics, vaccines and medical devices. Therefore, it is essential to collect information about adverse events and feed safety database of each product of FARMAPIEL® because the only way to establish causality of an adverse event related to a determined product is through the analysis of all reports and not from and isolated or individual case.