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  • Acquired on July 24th 2014
  • Restructured and finished on December 12th 2014, under the higest quality standards, domestic and international.
  • It has a 3-story construction surface of 9,833 m2 and 7,060 m2.
  • Sanitary License granted and issued on June 11th 2015, for the manufacturing of semisolids: gels, creams and ointments.
  • GMP Certificate issued on August 3rd 2015, in order to manufacture and distribute products complying with the semisolids manufacturing procedure line.
  • Currently, the maximum production capacity is 20 million units per year.



  +5201 (427) 1011227 and +5201 (427) 1011079


Eje Norte Sur No. 11, Colonia Nuevo Parque Industrial, San Juan del Río, Querétaro, México. C.P. 76809.